Arabian perfume Nylaa Amoris Punk 100ml Eau de parfum

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Amoris Punk is a perfume with zesty, invigorating, and sparkling citrus notes that delight the senses and exude a rebellious and unconventional spirit. This fragrance is for men who love adventure, are open to new experiences, and want to stand out in an energetic and distinctive way.

The perfume opens with fresh and slender notes of bergamot, lemon, and a spicy accord that immediately grabs your attention. These top notes provide an energetic boost and make a captivating entrance.

As the perfume develops, its heart reveals an explosive blend of scents. Grapes, plums, and Tonka bean notes come together in a playful and fruity accord, bringing a touch of sensuality and allure. These middle notes are full of vitality and give the wearer a cheerful and rebellious air.

The base notes finish this olfactory story with style. Musk, lichen, and vanilla create a light and airy base that perfectly complements the freshness of the top notes and the complexity of the middle ones. These scents add depth and longevity, ensuring that the perfume remains with you for a long time.

Amoris Punk is a fragrance that will inspire you to express your playful and rebellious personality. It is the ideal choice for men who want to infuse freshness and energy into their daily lives. With its vibrant character and lively spirit, this perfume will help you stand out in an exciting and memorable way.

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Spicy;
Middle notes: Grapes, Plums, Tonka Bean;
Base notes: Musk, Lichen, Vanilla.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steffan Skrotzky

Strange fragrance. A kind if strange, chemical smell. Very weird.

Marie Knig
Can't imagine my perfume collection without it!

I've never smelled anything like this Arabic perfume before. Its unique blend of scents is truly one-of-a-kind.

Antonio Rizzo
The scent lingers beautifully.

The scent is floral and delicate, perfect for a feminine and elegant style.