Arabian perfume Nylaa Amber Delicieux 100ml Eau de parfum

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Amber Delicieux - A Masterpiece of Men's Perfumery

Amber Delicieux is an exceptional perfume, an olfactory creation that skillfully combines powdery and spicy scents to capture the mysterious essence of the Far East, but with a contemporary and fresh twist. This fragrance was created for men who want to express their strong and sensual personality, appreciate elegance, and aspire to be remarkable.

The perfume opens with fresh and vibrant notes of bergamot and pink pepper. This strong and energizing introduction paves the way for a fascinating olfactory journey. The top notes add a touch of intensity and excitement, announcing the captivating journey that follows.

As the perfume develops, the middle notes come to the forefront. Grapefruit, lilac, and sage come together in a fruity and aromatic accord, bringing subtle depth and complexity to the fragrance. These scents harmoniously intertwine and provide a freshness that perfectly balances the top notes.

The base notes complete the olfactory story of Amber Delicieux in a seductive and memorable way. Patchouli, with its powdery and woody scents, brings a deep and mysterious note. White musk adds a sensual and warm touch. Mineral amber and the marine accord introduce a modern and contemporary element that gives the perfume an unparalleled freshness.

Amber Delicieux is a fragrance that will envelop you in an aura of mystery and sensuality. It is a perfume for men who feel confident, refined, and powerful. With remarkable longevity, it will accompany you throughout the day, leaving a subtle and memorable impression. It is the ideal choice for both special occasions and to make your presence felt every day.

Top notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper;
Middle notes: Sage, Grapefruit, Lilac;
Base notes: Patchouli, White Musk, Mineral Amber, Marine Accord.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maria Russo
Draws compliments from others.

This fragrance is sweet and powdery, perfect for a nostalgic and romantic mood.

Sebastian Schuster
Cozy and comforting!

I can't get enough of this Arabian perfume. Its exotic blend of spices and musk is simply irresistible.