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Arabian perfume Maison Asrar Rose Honey 110ml Eau de parfum

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Step into a world of sensual luxury with Rose Honey, the men's perfume that tantalizes your senses and evokes a feeling of sheer opulence. As the scent dances across your skin, it envelops you in an alluring and captivating aura that is both distinctive and memorable.

At first spritz, you are enveloped in a captivating blend of mandarin, plum, and clove, where the sweet, fruity notes of mandarin are complemented by the subtle spiciness of clove, while the deep and luscious plum adds a touch of richness and depth. This sweet and tangy combination invites you to indulge in the moment and savor the intoxicating aroma.

As the fragrance settles on your skin, you are transported to a luxurious world where indulgence reigns supreme. The heart of Rose Honey is a rich and warm blend of tobacco, labdanum, and mate leaves, where the heady aroma of tobacco is softened by the earthy scent of labdanum, and the refreshing notes of mate leaves add a touch of brightness and vibrancy.

Finally, the scent culminates in a sweet and delicate finish, where the base notes of honey, vanilla, and tonka beans leave a lingering and memorable trail. The sweet and comforting aroma of honey is enriched by the velvety smoothness of vanilla, while the earthy and nutty undertones of tonka beans provide a rich and complex base that lingers long after the scent has faded away.

Rose Honey is the perfect choice for those who appreciate complexity and refinement. Its luxurious blend of ingredients and captivating aroma make it an ideal choice for any occasion, whether you're dressing up for a night out or simply indulging in a moment of self-care. The fragrance is designed to be unisex, making it a versatile and sophisticated choice for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

In conclusion, Rose Honey is a sumptuous and intriguing perfume that is sure to captivate your senses and transport you to a world of luxury and indulgence. Its complex blend of sweet fruits, spices, and warm, earthy notes makes it a fragrance that is both unique and unforgettable, and the perfect choice for those men who seeking a touch of sophistication and refinement in their everyday lives.

Top notes: mandarin, plum, clove;
Middle notes: tobacco, labdanum, mate leaves;
Base notes: honey, vanilla, tonka bean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Paola Cattaneo
Smells heavenly.

This fragrance is exotic and floral, perfect for a unique and adventurous taste.

Eva Nagy
Light and airy.

This perfume is a hidden gem. Such a unique and delightful scent.

Olivia Taylor

This perfume is a true gem. Its fruity and floral notes blend together perfectly, creating a fragrance that is both playful and sophisticated.

Michael Wilson

I am in love with this perfume. It has a unique and captivating scent that I can't get enough of.

Lily Turner

This perfume is a must-try for anyone who loves tobacco and honey scents. Its awesome and persistent fragrance is perfect for anyone looking for a completely different fragrance.