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Arabian perfume Maison Asrar Heritage 100ml Eau de parfum

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Heritage is a women's perfume that evokes refinement, tradition, and memories that connect us to history. This perfume brings forward a deep olfactory experience with complex notes that take you on a captivating olfactory journey.

The top notes of Heritage begin with a fresh and invigorating burst of bergamot and lemon. This citrusy opening brings a bright and energizing note, reminiscent of radiant summer mornings. The citrus notes are followed by a subtle green accord, where aromatic herbs and fresh leaves provide depth and balance.

The middle notes of Heritage reveal a complex blend of flowers, with rose and jasmine taking the spotlight. Rose brings a romantic and refined note, while jasmine adds a sweet and seductive floral touch. These flowers give the perfume an aura of elegance and brilliance, reminiscent of blooming flower gardens.

The base notes of Heritage add depth and character to the perfume. Ambergris, leather, and sandalwood create a warm and woody background. Woody aromas add stability and depth, while leather contributes to a subtle note of sensuality and luxury. This perfume exudes classic elegance, reminiscent of the history and traditions that have contributed to our formation.

Heritage is a perfume that can be worn on a variety of occasions. It is versatile and suitable for both ordinary days and special events. Its refined and sophisticated aroma makes it suitable for any season and any time of the day.

With its complex and balanced notes, Heritage can become a distinctive olfactory signature for anyone who wears it.

Top notes: citrus, floral;
Middle notes: fruity, coconut;
Base notes: sweet musk.

Customer Reviews

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Lena Stumpe

Arabian perfume Maison Asrar Heritage 100ml Eau de parfum

Barbara Raponi

Perfect perfume

Katrin Schmitt
Great addition to my collection!

The bottle design is timeless and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Madison Smith
gretat smell

This perfume is simply stunning. Its fresh and clean scent is perfect for anyone looking for a classic fragrance.

Paula Jimenez
Lasts a long time.

I'm so glad I tried this perfume. It's quickly become a new favorite.