Gulf Orchid

Arabian perfume Gulf Orchid Tropical Fruits 60ml Eau de parfum

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Introducing a fragrance designed for women that captures the essence of tropical fruits while offering a unique blend of aldehydic top notes, a floral heart of rose, musk, and violet, and a super-smooth base of musk and amber. This exquisite combination creates a delicate yet distinctive fusion of floral and musky fragrances.

The top notes of this perfume feature an aldehydic accord, imparting a fresh and vibrant sensation to the fragrance. Derived from organic compounds, the aldehydic scent adds a characteristic fragrance that provides a refreshing twist to the overall composition.

The heart notes reveal a harmonious blend of musk, rose, and violet. Musk, a key element in many perfumes, introduces a subtle and sensual undertone. The infusion of rose and violet creates a feminine and floral aroma, delicately pronounced yet captivating. These heart notes are the very essence of the fragrance, crafting a signature scent that is truly unique.

The base notes form a smooth and musky combination of musk and amber, serving as the foundation that ensures the longevity of the scent. Amber contributes depth and richness to the musky base, generating a warm and comforting aroma that gracefully lingers.

This perfume is a perfect embodiment of tropical fruits, capturing the freshness and vibrancy of the tropics in a fragrance exclusively designed for women. The interplay of aldehydic top notes and the floral heart creates a refreshing and feminine scent, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

Top notes: aldehydic
Middle notes: musk, rose, violet
Base notes: musk, amber

Customer Reviews

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Sara Rossi
Perfect for a sunny day.

The packaging is sleek and modern, perfect for a minimalist aesthetic.


Siaj and persistence 2 days

Marie-Claire Leclercq
Perfect for any season.

I've been searching for a long-lasting perfume and this one exceeded my expectations.